The Future Of Alcohol Is Cannabis Based Beverages

I have been talking about this for a bit and it’s time I got it out there for history to see. I believe that human alcohol consumption has reached a peak. Eventually I believe the small decreases we are seeing in drinking numbers today will maintain and even continue to decrease.

As stupid uneducated as many humans are many are learning that alcohol is poison and there is no way around it. Because alcohol is poison they seek other ways to relax or self medicate, particularly ways that cannot kill them in any given sitting. Cannabis comes to mind, for example, since it is not toxic and literally cannot kill a human being. As a result, I believe that cannabis based beverages are going to skyrocket to the detriment of alcoholic beverages.

We know that wine and other alcohol based spirits are on the decline, with newer “hard seltzer” type beverages gaining popularity. Tastes certainly do change with the times and I believe the times are soon going to shift to a taste for cannabis, specifically THC beverages – all the relaxation/medication that alcohol provides with none of the “kill you if you drink too much” downside. Not to mention no hangovers and no attacking your brain and liver.

Mocktails are also gaining in popularity as humans (slowly) educate themselves on the dangers of the poison that is alcohol. Sober drinking is a thing!

The humans #100years from now will likely look back at the humans of today and wonder why we continue to poison ourselves with alcohol. Just because alcohol is the way it’s been does not mean we need to continue down such a dangerous (and stupid) path!

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