This Is The Answer To All Problems (Clickbait title!)

This Is The Answer To All Problems:

Education. Education is the answer to all problems.

If a person is smart, by definition they will not do stupid, oppressive things. Oppression, economic insanity, high taxation and crime…those are things done by stupid uneducated people. Because by definition, uneducated people do not know any better. They are too stupid ignorant to know what they do not know.

Sadly, it is not even their fault.

Who is at fault?

The US Government. After all, the US Government controls the education of roughly 90% of the people who go to school. If those people come out of school with low intelligence, who is to blame?! There is no such thing as a bad student, only a teacher who has not yet found a way to get through.

What can be done?

Get the government out of schools! Let the free market provide innovative schooling which allows the best educators to find new, exciting, creative ways to educate the masses. Encourage all people to question everything and seek fair truths. Find someone smarter than you and ask them for advice. Do not rely on the government for education!


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