Predicting The Fall Of The National Football League (NFL)

It boggles the mind to think in 2019 people still question if playing football is “bad” for a human body. Whether it is willful ignorance or pure stupidity, nothing can change the fact that blows to the human head and body are never a net positive.

For that reason, I do not believe the NFL will exist as we know it in about 20 years. Maybe sooner. Despite a lot of the things we see in society I do believe there are decent amount of men and women that are getting smarter than their ancestors and part of this increased intelligence is the understanding that at no point in life is a blow to the head or body a net positive. (That preceding phrase is so important I had to include it twice!)

The entire game of football is virtually continuous blows to the head and body. It is insane that anyone ever thought it was a good idea to absorb these blows let alone that people have the knowledge and choose to continue to do so.

Of course I am all about personal sovereignty so if someone wants to play football go ahead and play football. Along that same line if someone wants to be a gladiator and fight someone else to the death go for it. As long as both combatants are willing it is not my place to say they cannot fight.

That said I think enough people he will eventually start to see football for what it is and the number of young people entering the game will start to drastically decrease. The NFL will see the shift and have to make major radical changes if it wants to stay relevant. That process will likely look something like this:

1. NFL begins to eliminate certain types of hits

2. NFL eliminates most tackling

3. NFL removes tackling entirely.

Guess what?! We are already beyond #1.

Of course there’s a chance I am totally underestimating the Bud Light drinking Jim Beam guzzling middle Americans and just how stupid they actually are, but I do not think so. Neither do Malcolm Gladwell or Mark Cuban.

Just like Malcolm Gladwell and Mark Cuban, my kids will never be allowed to play football. Or to box. Or to take part in any activity where they take blows to their head or body on a regular basis. Does this make me a helicopter parent? Who knows and who cares? No one will ever be able to shame me, let alone shame me for protecting my child’s fragile head and body from suffering continuous contusions. In #100years I believe people will look back and think today’s parents were as naive as the parents of the kids who were encouraged to be gladiators.

Malcolm Gladwell (in response to being asked if he would let a kid play football): “I wouldn’t let a friend play football”

Mark Cuban: “I wouldn’t let my son play football. No chance.”

What about YOU?! Click here to take the poll: Would you let your child play tackle football?!

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