Tiger Woods, Sports Records & Basic Human Evolution

Since the beginning of time, humans have grown bigger, stronger and faster than the humans that came before them. Aside from space travel, virtually every aspect of human civilization becomes more economical and efficient with the passing of time.

Think about it. Test it out. Think about progression versus regression. Look at pictures from past times. Read about how the past. Learn your history.

Speaking of history, Tiger Woods just won his 82nd PGA Tour event, tying Sam Snead for the most wins of all-time. However,Β  anyone who looks at the numbers objectively can see that Tiger Woods is actually well past Sam Snead and every other human being who has ever teed it up on the PGA Tour.Β 

I bring this up to point out how silly it is to argue against Tiger Woods being the greatest golfer of all time. Simply put, no human being has ever dominated the game of golf, struck a golf ball, or putted a golf ball as well as Eldrick Tiger Woods. Arbitrary categories of “wins” or “majors won” or other statistics do not tell the tale. Your eyes do. To deny Tiger Woods is the greatest ever strike a golf ball is to deny basic human evolution.

Nobody ever said the number of majors won was the end all be all determining factor for greatest of all time. After all this is a subjective category and there is not really a right or wrong answer, rather opinions that must be backed up with facts.

In this case, if you look at every human being on earth who has ever hit a golf ball have you ever seen anyone hit the ball or putt the ball or consistently dominate the game better than Tiger Woods?

The answer, objectively, it is NO! Tiger is bigger stronger and faster than all who have come before him just like 50 or 100 years from now we will be saying the same thing about the next great golfer being better than Tiger. That is undeniable too….at some future time, there will be a human being who strikes, putts and dominates the golf ball better than Tiger Woods!

Since the beginning of time humans have evolved to be bigger stronger and faster and tournament numbers simply do not tell the entire story. Use your eyes and look at the human being hitting the golf ball. The story becomes much more clear when you take statistics out of it and simply use your eyes and brain!


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