Free College, Cancel Debt, Bernie Sanders, Nonsense

Hollywood could not write a story better than the student loan forgiveness nonsense we are witnessing in real life history.

Bernie Sanders and many (most? all?) wanna be Presidential Candidates from the Democratic Party (read: libcucks/cuckesses) keep trying to one up each other with how much “free stuff” they can promise voters.

“Free” is in quotations because basic economics teaches us that nothing from the Government is ever free – it must first be taken from someone. Of if Uncle Sam prints money to pay for their “free” stuff, we all lose – more money in circulation (inflation) means all of our existing money is now worth less. Again, basic economics…the more there is of something, the less valuable it becomes.

Here is an example of a very, very dangerous way of thinking:

People who advocate for college loan forgiveness often also advocate for a blanket wealth tax. These are insanely oppressive and will do nothing other than destroy wealth. This is mathematically undeniable.

In this case, pool old Bernie notes that college was a lot more affordable 30 years ago and that prices for college have “skyrocketed” since.

The amazing unscriptable irony is that the entire student loan debt issue was created by the United States government when they started guaranteeing loans to teenagers who are not creditworthy. Prior to that no free market bank with a head on his shoulders would have ever loaned money to a student! Uncle Sam started cosigning the debts and it allowed colleges to charge whatever they want because people would borrow whatever they want. A win for colleges, a “win” for the students who took on the debt, and a huge loss to all taxpayers who now must subsidize any bad loans.

If the government, yes the same government who literally created the problem, forgives ONE TRILLION DOLLARS worth of student loans, it will be you and I, the taxpayers, who foot that bill. Does that seem right to you?! #butfreedom #1ooyears


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6 Responses to Free College, Cancel Debt, Bernie Sanders, Nonsense

  1. It is rational that an issue which starts un-mathematically with guaranteeing loans to un-creditworthy, is expected to have consequences un-mathematical. This is how bad debts arise out of stagflation.


  2. A loan is never a solution to a problem, but an illusion of a projectile, that leaps not necessarily to a better place, but merely jumps from one problem to another – a loan is a liability.


  3. Jason says:

    I was about to attempt a healthy discussion with you regarding government tax dollars being invested in people rather than large corporate welfare, but you lost me at “libcuck/cuckesses”. It’s unnecessary & doesn’t leave room for a healthy discussion. I respect the fact that you’re more libertarian (if I’m wrongfully assuming, apologies) than I am, yet how are we supposed to remain open minded to different perspectives if you aren’t able to approach the situation without emotion (i.e. name calling)? I respect your opinion, I disagree, and if that makes me a “cuck”, then so be it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • donniccolo says:

      My brother! Read more on my site, you will start to understand my tone/humor! Happy to have a friendly discussion.


      • Jason says:

        Libcuck is a huge turn off for me, sorry. I’ve been subbed to your blog for a while. Agree with some, disagree with others. I feel the tone. Different sense of humor I guess.

        Andrew Yang has some ideas that are worth paying attention to, imho. (If you haven’t checked his stuff out.) Be well.

        Liked by 1 person

      • donniccolo says:

        Understood, different strokes! For what it’s worth I am also very hard on “cuckservatives” and their desire to control other people’s bodies. And their insane belief in military spending. And many other things. Cuck is just such a fun word! ❤


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