A Note To Tesla Bears: Drive A Tesla!

Tesla seems to be as polarizing company as any in recent memory. On one side you have the bulls like myself and Elon Musk, people who understand the facts of renewable energy versus nonrenewable energy. On the other side you have people who have not driven a Tesla.

As Elon so simply and eloquently stated, “It’s necessarily true that we will live on renewables. It’s just a question of when. In fact it’s in the definition that if it’s not renewable that means it’s going to run out at some point.”

That is gasoline. That is fossil fuels.

Anyone who believes that a fossil fuel based economy will exist in 50 or 100 or 200 years is kidding themselves and basic reality.

Understanding that leads us to the inevitable: virtually everything that presently runs on gasoline will eventually become obsolete or be powered by a renewable source in the future. These are the only two options.

That includes cars, which brings us back to Tesla, a company that many bears believe is actually going to cease to exist sometime in the near future. This is an insanely ignorant belief and one that is easily disproved.

Could some wild “Enron-like” event take Tesla down? Sure, I guess. (even in that case I believe it would be purchased, for many of the reasons laid out below.) But what are the chances that the most watched company on Earth is cooking the books while being publicly traded and audited? Again, it could happen, but it is highly unlikely and one of (if not the only) way to speculate about the company ceasing to exist.

As for the rest of the negative speculation I simply ask the bears: have you driven a Tesla?

I find it very hard for someone to complain about any aspect of the vehicle, save the lack of noise pollution, if they have actually driven one. The Tesla is unambiguously the safest, fastest and most technologically advanced vehicle ever produced. This is impossible to deny if you have driven one (and if you put stock in unbiased experts, like Jay Leno!)

Imagine, people are actually complaining that Tesla vehicles are not loud! Can you think of any other area of life, save live rock concerts, where the lack of noise is a bad thing?!

Aside from the fact that Tesla Produces the world’s safest and most technologically advanced vehicles there are many other reasons why Tesla is not going anywhere. Tesla is a world leader in battery technology. A quick look at Tesla’s balance sheet (quarter ending 6/30/19) shows over $4b of cash on hand and over $19 billion dollars worth of property plant and equipment that is amongst some of the most advanced technology on Earth. These assets have a definable value that is undeniable. To think that Tesla could shrivel up and go away is to think that assets like their factories and their battery producing technology and their intellectual property could simply go away.

It is not possible.

These assets would be purchased long before the company would become dust. More likely, a strategic partner would invest, perhaps a company like Volkswagen, giving even more assurance to the predictions that:

1) Tesla is here to stay and

2) renewable energy must replace fossil fuels, therefore electric powered vehicles are most likely to overtake other vehicles in the next 0-20 years.

Still are not sold on Tesla? DRIVE ONE! In the meantime check out this excellent short video by Twitter user @flcnhvy for more on Tesla. Thank you for making such a great video!

Click here for more of my thoughts on Tesla.

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1 Response to A Note To Tesla Bears: Drive A Tesla!

  1. I have a resolution, never to buy a car, if it does not run by renewable energy.

    Wonder, if most of the people are like me !


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