Getting Back On Track

Something in your life is not right

Are you stuck in a rut, depressed, anxious or sad? Or maybe you are not feeling quite like yourself but cannot quite put your finger on the problem? Perhaps you know exactly what the problem is but lack the motivation to do anything about it. Or maybe you feel great most of the time but simply cannot get through the day without encountering a few demons.

Do not worry – you are no different than every other human being who has ever walked the face of the Earth. We all have demons. We all get into a rut.

However not everyone recognizes their rut and of those who do many do not take steps to claw their way out.

Still reading? GREAT! You are on the path back out of the rut and into normal, happy, stoic everyday life.

How to get back on track


Bookmark this page so you can enjoy the links below. Then start clicking and reading.

Here is a playlist. Put it on random and let it take you away. It’s eclectic and all over the place – that’s kind of the point – for the listener to find inspiration in the music at the most random of times!

Here is a poem. Read it slowly. Then read it again, stopping at the end of each stanza, reflecting on what you just read and how it applies to you.

Here are a few books to read (or listen to.) No excuses, you have the time. These are the words of men and women who have tried and failed and tried again – and they are passing along what they have learned directly to us. As Emerson says, every book is a quotation—of other books, of experience, of the humans and civilizations that came before it. How could you not expose yourself to this?

Here is an essay about addiction, depression and the trials of the everyday life of an entrepreneur, written by a normal person just like you and me. He is conquering his demons. We can conquer ours too.

Here are thoughts on the importance of mental health – something everyone needs to consider!

Here is a collection of essays to help you improve yourself. Here too is another collection.

Here is a quick and easy “cheat” to feel good in any situation!

When to get help

There is never a wrong time to decide to get help. It is never too late to learn. If you are struggling please ask someone for help. Take a look at people in your life and ask yourself who seems to be rocking life all day every day?! Then ask that person if you can pick their brain, perhaps over a cup of coffee (not alcohol!)

I will let you in on a little secret before you even meet: no one rocks life all day every day. We all struggle in some way, shape or form. The people who seem to have it all figured out simply start over each day and they find that it is their duty in life to stay focused on their mission of being the best person they can be each day.

It is not easy. Nothing worthwhile is.

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  1. The structure of the post is remarkable. “Bookmark this.”


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