Questions From The Future #100years

100 years from now, men and women will look back at the humans who were alive in 2019 and just scratch their heads. #writethatdown

And so was born another fun hashtag, #100years.

“Did they really label people based on skin color?”

“Wait, they put people in steel cages for what?!”

“Hold on, people actually fought the idea of battery powered transportation?”

“What is gasoline?”

“People actually thought propping up certain groups would not hurt all other groups?!”

“No way the government was in charge of education!”

“Damn, this playlist holds up after 100 years! Crank it up!”

“Police were allowed to just shoot at people before being shot at?! Isn’t that murder or something?!”

“So the toxic substances that could kill them were prescribed, and cannabis, the non toxic plant that cannot harm a newborn baby, was demonized?!”

“What were opioids?!”

“Um, I can’t still commit a crime against myself, can I?!”


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