Tesla Sales Are Not As Bad As They Look

Elon Musk & Tesla have been getting hammered in the media more than usual lately, mainly due to lower than expected domestic sales. What peaks my curiosity is why Elon never calls out the anti-free market laws that restrict how he can sell his vehicles to willing “free” human beings?!

There have always been Tesla haters, for whatever reason, despite the fact that no sane person in their right mind would be advocating for gasoline powered vehicles had electric vehicles been invented first.

That said, it’s no secret that State governments limit how Tesla can conduct business in their state. The State literally ties Teslas hands causing nothing but greater expense to the end user, all people everywhere.

Let me say that again: Lawmakers in each state take money from Auto Dealer Lobbyists, and in return make laws that restrict how auto manufacturers can sell in their state, to the detriment of Tesla, you and me.

Winners in this equation are a few small groups, namely the lobbyists, politicians and Auto Dealers.

Losers in this equation are all consumers everywhere.

Sounds like a fair trade? Hell no! (unless of course you are one of the small groups that benefits)

If you are like the 99.9999999% of humans that do not benefit from these insanely oppressive laws, you are paying more for any vehicle you buy or lease, Tesla or otherwise, as a result of these laws.

Hating on Tesla is not so fun when you break down the economics of these anti-free market laws is it?!

Check out the poll below. Choose wisely!

Understanding that the free market is the best allocation of resources and price determination? You have chosen, wisely!

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