Free Will Or Free Market?

Free will is the same as free market. You cannot be for one and against the other.

Anyone who enjoys having the freedom to live their life exactly as they choose (save negatively affecting another) is also a proponent of having a free market. They may not understand why, but they do not have to. Their actions speak and anyone who acts to preserve their own free will by definition also acts to preserve the integrity of free markets.

Since any sane, level-headed human should be able to agree that human free will is a good thing and oppression is a bad thing, we  should also be able to come to the conclusion that free markets are the best for all humans always.

Regulated markets may provide benefits to one group, or even many groups, in the short-term (or even in perpetuity), however economics teaches us that in the long-term unfree markets will always harm the masses. It is impossible to benefit select groups without doing so at the direct expense of all other groups.

If you would not want someone to take away your free will, do not take it away from them by voting and advocating for regulated markets!

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