Get The Government Out Of Schools!

There is some really good material at the end of this Peter Schiff podcast focusing on getting the government out of the educational system! Skip to the :48 minute mark to listen for yourself! (Be better, keep an open mind!)

Peter does a great job pointing out that virtually every single government led program is inefficient, wasteful and sub parwhy do we think that education is any different?! Think about it: you want the government in charge of educating your kids? The same government that closes down & runs trillion-dollar deficits? WHY?! Would you hire a bankrupt financial advisor to teach you about finance?!

Immediately skeptics want to (incorrectly) point out that the poorest among us would be excluded from a free market “pay only” educational system.

There are at least two huge problems with this illogical thinking!

First, it’s not fair to assume that education would cost anything if left to the free market. For example, how much do you pay Google to use their email servers and search engine? Probably the same amount I’m paying WordPress to host my essays: $0. In the year 1995 when AOL cost $50/mo for 2 hours of super slow internet browsing had someone told you it would all be unlimited super fast and super affordable in the near future you likely would have been skeptical. And, with the benefit of hindsight, you would have been wrong. Free market is not synonymous with expensive or exclusive!

Second, the poorest among us already pay for education. We all do – through property taxes. Anyone of us that owns a piece of real estate pays taxes on that real estate and most of those taxes are used to fund public schools.  For those of us who rent, we indirectly foot the bill by paying higher rents than we would if our landlord’s taxes were lower. If our landlord could pay less in taxes, she could offer our rental at a lower rate, and we could use that savings to pay for education (if needed) and more! If our landlord chooses to pocket the savings and keep our rent high, we can vote with our wallet and rent from her competitor. Free market competition is the only thing that will keep costs as low as possible for us!

A world without a government led educational system is possible. If we truly believe that government led programs are the best for us all, would we not be relying on the government to feed and cloth us as well? To provide us all high paying jobs with great benefits? NO! The government is not here to provide for us! Government is meant to protect individual liberties!

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