Socialism: A Flawed Ideology Often Touted By People Who Got Insanely Wealthy Thanks To Capitalism!

I can’t help but appreciate the irony that many of the men & women who advocate for Socialism are among the wealthiest people in society. Jim Carrey recently epitomized this flawed dichotomy when he spouted off about his belief that socialism cures all.

I don’t understand how Jim and others like him think it’s OK to spend my and your money while they sit on fortunes of $150m and more?! Hey Jim, why not give your money away before giving away mine?! I prefer to control how I spend my money including how I give back to society. By the way, Jim, it’s never OK to spend other people’s money. If you disagree, I have plenty of plans for your $150m, give me a call!

The government is only meant to be here to protect individual liberties, not to provide for its citizens. That’s the entire point of freedom: to be free to provide for ourselves free from outside interference as long as we aren’t negatively affecting another.

This doesn’t mean we cannot and will not choose to help those who cannot help themselves. We just should not be forced to do so by the government, Jim Carrey, or anyone else!

Socialism and freedom are mutually exclusive: they cannot both occur. Choose one. I choose freedom.


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