Joe Rogan & Elon Musk

Strap in and enjoy three hours of two deep thinkers discussing some very cool subjects! Joe Rogan and Elon Musk (a fan of my essays!) are very interesting individuals and this discussion brings up many interesting questions.

To me the most interesting question is: why is Elon Musk getting shit for ever so briefly smoking cannabis, a non-toxic plant that can literally never kill him. and not getting any shit for drinking whiskey, a substance distilled from grain into alcohol that can literally kill any human in any given sitting?

Think about it…doesn’t that seem fucked up?! I don’t care if Elon took one small hit, a thousand bong rips or anything in between! Elon is free to do as he pleases with his body as there is no such thing as a crime against one’s self.

But if you’re going to criticize, don’t aim your mistaken critiques at the friendly flower. Cannabis is again the innocent victim, here only to help yet used as a scapegoat punching bag. Instead try to grow as a human being – take a step out of your shoes and let your previous beliefs about cannabis go. Now use your newly opened mind to educate yourself on the truth about the magic plant.

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