Blinkist: A Must Have App For Your #RequiredReading

I am a big fan of the Amazon Kindle app for all of my #requiredreading, which basically turns into required listening as I use the Audible companion to have Kindle read the books for me.

I have recently discovered and added a new weapon to my arsenal: Blinkist!

Blinkist is the Cliff’s Notes of book reading apps, breaking down the world’s best non-fiction books to their most important concepts and reading the entire book to me in under 20 minutes! Here is a link to sign up.

I don’t use Blinkist to replace Kindle, but rather to complement it. My #requiredreading books aren’t going anywhere and I will always enjoy them in their full versions. Blinkist helps me to discover new books and to get through their concepts quickly. Once I begin to take interest in a new concept I can choose to purchase the entire book and add it to my Kindle library, or I can simply keep the book in Blinkist and refer back to the summarized concepts!

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