Open Letter To City Of Columbus: Please Don’t Screw Up Scooters!

Sitting in my car at a downtown Columbus stoplight it recently hit me: we are in the future!

The energy was amazing with people everywhere… walking, talking and… scooting!

Yes, scooting!

Thanks to companies like Bird and Lime, there are now battery power scooters all over the downtown neighborhoods, available to rent with just the click of an app! [sidenote: using the links herein will get you and me free $ and free rides!]

I sincerely hope that the smart men and women who run the City of Columbus do not screw up this world-opening development! These scooters do way more for the logistics of Columbus citizens than the CoGo bikes and the City doesn’t have to subsidize scooters like CoGo! A win for the free market!

Until…the City decides to muck it all up by regulating and taxing these companies with no cause. Please do not do this! I highly doubt Columbus will win the love of companies like Amazon if the city sets a precedent of lots of regulations against (free market) tech companies. (or any company, period!)

City leaders: please keep an open mind and…do nothing!


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Logic. Common Sense. Open Minds.
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