Society Hates Guns But Loves Nerf?!

In a time where mass shootings are the norm in one country I find it strange, ironic, disappointing and confusing that so many people are seemingly OK with toy guns.

Think about it: Guns. As toys.

“Hey everyone, let’s have some good old-fashioned fun and play with guns!”

“Let’s shoot each other with fast-moving projectiles that we can pretend are real life deadly bullets!”

Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it?

Yet that’s the world we live in. Check the NERF aisle of your local Target or Wal-Mart. Check out the number of toy gun and toy ammunition options. There are even accessories like extra magazines, belts, vests, masks, goggles and more. Lots more. $400,000,000 more. I wonder how much of that $400m those smiley children got paid to pose for the picture on the box the gun comes in. “Look at me, I’m having fun playing with guns!”

I’m not sure guns as toys is a good idea. Heck, I’m not even sure that police need real guns (they go without in many places on Earth) and I’m very sure police should never shoot first.

Yet when the next mass shooting occurs (or at least the next to get news coverage) I wonder how many people will lament it just before playing Nerf War in their home?!

Full disclosure: I play Nerf War with my nephews. It’s a ton of fun, and I obviously dominate. I understand that magically eliminating guns will not solve the true problems that plague society. That is also why I educate my nephews while we play, hoping that they will not turn into the bad people who are at the root of society’s problems, guns or no guns.

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