WAKE UP! The Playlist To Get You Moving!

Just about a year ago I debuted the WAKE UP! playlist on YouTube & Spotify. Be sure to click ‘subscribe’ so you can also enjoy these rockin’ vibes!

Since the original version of this playlist debuted I have continued to add songs and tinker with the order. Today we rock 35 songs and continue to look for music that fits with the flow of this list.

The original list was meant for early morning to “get out of bed and start feeling GREAT!” I have since realized that I enjoy listening to the list on shuffle any time of day! The random factor is a muse…I might just be sitting at my desk and a song will come on that will get me out of my chair, free dancing like a maniac, feeling amazing! The energy that music can give off is spectacular if you let yourself absorb it and feel it. That inspiration cannot come if the room is silent!


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