Pelotonia 2018: Riding For L Brands!

Pelotonia 2018 will mark my 7th consecutive ride for #onegoal: end cancer! I am proud to continue to support this grass-roots movement that began in Columbus and has since raised over $150m for the cause!

Since my first ride in 2012 I have proudly ridden for Stefanie’s Team of Hope, the single highest fundraising non-corporate peloton involved! If you are considering riding, this is the peloton for you!

Starting in 2018, I am proud to announce I will be riding for L Brands International / LaSenza! (click here to donate to my ride) At a fortuitous 2013 fundraising event for Pelotonia 2013 I somehow convinced a pretty young blonde woman to give me her phone number. We got married in June 2017 and as a result I am eligible to ride for her L Brands peloton.

Why is this significant?!

L Brands MATCHES the fundraising efforts of it’s riders! I am now able to do 2x the damage as all of the funds I raise will be doubled by L Brands!

Now more than ever you should think about contributing & forwarding to your friends. With YOUR help, we can defeat cancer! #dontalmostgive

Our 2018 goal = $3,001.Β Click here to donate to my ride!! Thank you for your consideration!


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