A Solution To Police Shootings: Change The Rules Of Engagement

Should police be granted exclusive right to the use of force? Should police be provided solely by government? These are questions for another time.

The sad truth is that we live in a world where the police are agents of the government. The government provides them an outdated code in which they believe they are allowed to use lethal force if they fear for their safety whether that fear is justified or not.Β 

I do not disagree that if any public police or private human is in imminent danger they should be able to protect themselves against that danger, even if it means using lethal force against the threat.

However, I do disagree that a simple perception of danger is not a high enough standard. Thinking that someone has a gun is not enough to justify shooting first!Β 

The police should be held to a code where they cannot shoot first.

The rules of engagement must provide that police cannot fire until fired upon.

Following this code would ensure that no one is shot for holding a cell phone or a toy gun (toy guns = future essay, don’t get me started!)

If you choose to be a police officer you must accept that you may find your self in dangerous situations that do not allow you to use lethal force until lethal force has been directed at you. If you find this unacceptable you do not have to choose a career in law enforcement!

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3 Responses to A Solution To Police Shootings: Change The Rules Of Engagement

  1. jonolan says:

    Love them criminals don’t you? A better solution for America would be to make it black letter law that all shootings by police are legal unless a strict standard for illegality is met and that rioting in response shall be treated as insurrection and met with military response for the sake a national security.


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