Letting Down Dale #DaleFail

Hey boys!

Dale. DaleDale. Dale.

If you live a #DaleApproved life you will be at peace and likely have many true friends.

If you do things that Dale would not approve of, well life may not be as fun and easy for you.  You might not know you’re letting Dale down. You might not even realize how much better your life can be.

You are committing a #DaleFail, perhaps many, and you might not even know it.


Some would say that pointing out a #DaleFail is a #DaleFail itself. I am up in the air on it but I see the point. Personally, if I am committing a #DaleFail I hope someone brings it up to me! I also hope I react properly, count to ten if needed, think about what they are saying and process the information without bias. I’d rather know I’m #DaleFailing so I can stop versus continuing to #DaleFail!



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