Adjusting Your Reactions To Ensure Personal Happiness

We cannot control other human beings. They exist and some do things that may start to irritate us. However if we get upset/mad/irritated, et cetera, the issue actually lies within us.

The reason is simple: We cannot control others, we can simply adjust our reactions to what others do. One key adjustment would be to be as stoic as possible in situations that may otherwise piss us off!

This is not easy to do (at first) but gets much easier with a little practice. Someone cuts you off on the highway? Sucks, I know. But you can’t do anything about it. It happened. That person might be an asshole. Or perhaps they are late for something important. Or maybe their house just burned down and they aren’t thinking/driving logically. Who knows?!

The point is, it doesn’t matter why they cut you off. It happened. It’s over. You can choose to be angry and act like a psycho or you can take a moment, count to ten, give the (asshole) the benefit of the doubt and decide to let it go.

After you do this a few times you’ll realize how much easier it is to choose to guide your reactions toward not being mad, upset or frustrated. You will see the positive results in all aspects of your life and you’ll start to realize that you never again have to make another person feel bad.

I often wonder, why would anyone ever want to make another person feel anything other than GREAT?! Your average internet troll lives for the opportunity to make other people feel bad by saying mean and hurtful things with no regard for how their words will affect the person on the other end of the screen.

Are we not better than an internet troll? If we are saying / doing mean and hurtful things in real life, than no, we are not better than the troll. We might even be worse! Therefore doesn’t it make sense to always go out of our way to not make someone feel bad? To instead try to make them feel GREAT?!

A simple example is when your food isn’t perfect or the order is wrong at a restaurant. I’ve seen people take it out on the server or chef and really make that person feel awful. Why would anyone ever want to do this?! Who cares of the server or chef messed up?!

People mess up all the time. You mess up. I mess up. We all mess up. We can’t control that a mistake happened, we can only choose how to react to the mistake. Instead of choosing to make the server or chef feel bad, simply choose not to! Go out of your way to do the unexpected and minimize the issue. You may make that persons night and even better, you might inspire that person to act in a similar kind manner the next time they are in a position to react to someone else’s mistake. There is no better feeling than helping someone else to feel better.

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