Apple Corporation: Please Make These (small) Changes!

Apple products are some of my favorite things on Earth. They make many things in my life easier, from work to travel to just plain fun. I am quite grateful for the innovation Apple provides that helps drive all tech.

While many of Apple’s products are quite good, all products everywhere can be improved upon. For if we stop trying to innovate and improve, research is at an end.

Here are my top suggestions for Apple

  1. Allow devices to Bluetooth stereo sound out to multiple receivers at once. My wife and I were recently sitting in an airport trying to catch up on the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka the greatest thing ever!), Β and we had to revert to corded headphones with a splitter to connect to our iPad Pro. This clunky and uncomfortable set up was far from ideal as our AirPods and Wireless Beats sat useless nearby.
  2. Downloading rented or purchased movies & TV shows is very clunky and worst of all, doesn’t seem to have a memory. In the same airport as above, we began the download of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ after paying $3.99 to rent it from the iTunes store.Β We had to restart the movie download numerous times – this is unacceptable! At one point the movie was 90% downloaded and sure to finish before we were to board our flight. The free wi-fi at LaGuardia Airport reset after 45 minutes and we had to re-login to the wi-fi, at which point our Apple iTunes download paused, and then re-started at 0%. Totally unacceptable! First, let me download from my LTE, after all it’s my data! Second, make it so that the devices start at the % they left off when a download is paused. Re-starting from 0% is terrible and makes me want to stop using iTunes to pay to rent movies.
  3. When I rent a movie from iTunes, I’m given 30 days to watch it. Fair enough. However, once I start the movie, iTunes only gives me 48 hours to view it, and then it’s deleted from my system. This illogical thinking makes me not want to use iTunes to rent movies! I can’t control the next 48 seconds let alone 48 hours, so handcuffing me to finish a movie in 48 hours is not ideal for me. Why not just delete the movie after 30 days, or after I’ve finished watching it? Apple should be incentivizing me to rent movies, not instituting arbitrary time deadlines that make me want to find alternatives ways to view.

I will continue to add suggestions for Apple and (hopefully) make notes on the suggestions above as Apple incorporates my suggestions into future updates.

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