The Bourbon License Plate Game

On a recent holiday drive I spotted a license plate that started with “GTSxxxx” and pointed it out to my wife. “Look honey, a George T. Stagg!”

She was hardly amused.

So the challenge began…spot your own license plate bottle! In that moment The Bourbon License Plate Game was born!

With 100+ miles left to cover we began to think of rules and scoring system. After all, not all license plates that double for bourbon are created equal!

What we arrived on is the simple system set out below. Feel free to tinker and come up with your own variations and improvements! Most importantly, after playing The Bourbon License Plate Game, be sure to safely arrive at your destination and enjoy a delicious whiskey with good friends!

Rule #1: BE SAFE! When operating a vehicle, safety is your #1 priority! Please do not put yourself or others at risk looking for license plate numbers for a friendly game!

Rule #2: Spot plates with commonly accepted bourbon abbreviations that contain a minimum of 3 letters and/or numbers. RY96WT2 for “Rebel Yell” would NOT count (only two letters) but RY1093V would count as RY10 is the commonly accepted for abbreviation for Rebel Yell Ten Year Bourbon.

Rule #3: All letters/numbers must be in order, but can be anywhere on the plate. For example, XPVW939 would count (PVW) but XP3VW7 would not count as PVW is not consecutive.

Rule #4: Whoever has the least amount of points at the journey’s end buys the first round of whiskey!

Scoring Points

3 consecutive #s/letters = 18 points

4 consecutive #s/letters = 40 points

5 consecutive #s/letters = 75 points

6 consecutive #s/letters = 126 points

7 consecutive #s/letters = 196 points

The plates below are examples of 3 consecutive #s/letters = 18 points

 = Elmer T. Lee

 = William Larue Weller

= George T. Stagg

= Sazerac

= Thomas H. Handy

The plates below are examples of 4 consecutive #s/letters = 40 points

= Colonel E.H. Taylor

= Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

= Eagle Rare 17

The plate below is an example of 5 consecutive #s/letters = 75 points

 = Pappy Van Winkle 23

The plates below are an example of 6 consecutive #s/letters = 126 points

= Old Weller Antique 107 (also one of the author’s favorite pours!)

 = Maybe a super fan will have a Weller vanity plate?

The plate below is an example of 7 consecutive #s/letters = 196 points

= Perhaps Julian has a car in Ohio?!

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