Never Take Another Shower

Never take another shower…without doing 20 push-ups before your shower! In addition, each night before bed, do 20 push-ups. Each morning right when you wake up, do 20 push-ups.

With an average of 1 shower per day, this routineΒ forces you to do at least 60 push-ups each day. So what, says the haters?! You can’t make changes to your body by doing just 60 push-ups!


60 push-ups per day is roughly 1800 push-ups per month. That’s 18,000 push-ups in just 10 months. Anyone who thinks that EIGHTEEN-THOUSAND PUSH-UPS will not have a positive impact on one’s body is kidding themselves. Haters gonna hate.

Don’t let the haters get you down. Set yourself a simple reminder and get into a routine. It’s easy, takes virtually no time, and WILL HAVEΒ a POSITIVE IMPACT on your core in addition to adding a layer of structure and routine to your life.

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Logic. Common Sense. Open Minds.
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