Impressed By Politicians?! Solving Healthcare?!

Whether I’m at my desk, doing chores around the house or in the middle of a long drive I am a big fan of positive distractions. I typically listen to a podcast or to YouTube Red and quickly find myself immersed in the topic of the day.

Most of the time I default to Dan Carlin’sHardcore History‘, simply because the show is so good it’s not fair. That led me to Carlin’s other show, ‘Common Sense‘, which readers of this site will know I’m a big big fan of just by the name. Give Dan a listen and if you like his stuff as much as I do, consider donating or subscribing. I’m happy to ship him $3/month for the amazing content he provides.

Once I got caught up on episodes of ‘Common Sense’ I couldn’t help but to search for similar shows to stimulate my political curiosity. I discovered Politico’s Dan Diamond hosting a show called ‘Pulse Check‘ and I could not be happier. Specifically with the March 30, 2017 episode featuring United States Representative Charlie Dent (co-chair Center Right Tuesday Group) and United States Senator Susan Collins, who has helped introduce a bill called the Patient Freedom Act as a comprehensive replacement slash compromise to Obamacare.

Let’s put our cards on the table: I am not a fan of most politicians or the current political system in the USA. That said, I work on understanding that the system is the way it is and my idealistic belief of how government and laws should work isn’t a realistic option in the real world (at least not yet) even though it’s right.

It’s this understanding that gives me hope when I hear from people like Diamond, Dent and Collins. Diamond sounds like a level-headed and unbiased moderator, which is a rare thing in the days of fake news. Dent was so impressive in his answers I was surprised that Collins could actually impress me more. She sounds like an intelligent, reasonable person who understands economics, health care and common sense. She has real world ideas for solutions toward what should be the ultimate goal: to easily and efficiently keep people alive and healthy.

Which leads me to the healthcare question of the day: what is the best way to keep people alive and healthy? While insurance might be a part of the answer, I’m not convinced that insurance is the end all be all. After all, insurance is not the same as health. I’d prefer to be healthy vs. insured!

I wonder if Collins and other forward thinking leaders have considered a system in which the insurance industry is left to the free market and altruism is entered into the equation? I do not believe that altruism can be legislated, but if society’s best and brightest (and wealthiest) were allowed to make a tax-deductible donation to a fund that literally pays hospital bills for those who cannot afford it, I believe the funds would come pouring in. Citizens who can afford insurance will likely still buy it (and if it’s a function of the free market, prices should drop, especially if companies follow Collins’ advice and publish their rates!) and those of us who do not have insurance do not have to fear for their health.

Clearly the solution is not this simple, as the system could be easily be abused as described. In addition, there are many other healthcare holes to plug, not the least of which is the pharmaceutical system that allows big pharma to monopolize medicine and lobby for their best interests. These two things are the exact opposite of the stated goal: to easily and efficiently keep people alive and healthy.

The overlords people who have asked for the task of fixing the current broken system know they do not have a simple task at hand and should not be making excuses. Losers make excuses. Winners find solutions. So find one.



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3 Responses to Impressed By Politicians?! Solving Healthcare?!

  1. Pete says:

    You have written, “a system in which the insurance industry is left to the free market”, well when I was growing up that is exactly what existed across this nation, and also like you wrote later those that could afford it bought it. At that time it was a ‘let the free market decide’ type of situation and when I was old enough I shopped around and bought what I could afford. Today we see evidence of what happens when the government gets involved and it isn’t pretty. I wish we could go back in time and get the government out of the health care business. Thanks for a great post.

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