Tiger Woods Is Back! Let’s Not Forget What He’s Done For The Game Of Golf.

Tiger Woods is officially back on the PGA tour after an ~18 month hiatus! Please god let him stay healthy.

After missing virtually his entire 30’s (yes, a whole decade) due to, well, stuff,Β Tiger now has a chance to write the final chapters of his story. I believe these final chapters can contain wins and even Major Championship Victories. Tiger just needs to stay healthy and maybe catch a break or two.

As we watch Tiger’s final years unfold, let’s not forget what TigerΒ did for the game of golf when it forever changed after his 1997 Master’s triumph. In this piece, originally written for a sports website that no longer exists, I quantify exactly how ridiculous the prize pools became in the Tiger Woods era. Imagine just a year before Tiger’s win at Augusta the golfer in 10th place on the money list earned under $1m for the year. That same golfer earns more than 400% more nowadays and nearly every tournament on the schedule pays over $1m to first place!

Tiger has shown us time and time again that he can do what many consider to be impossible. Will he win 4 more Major Championships and tie Jack Nicklaus? Maybe…maybe not. Who cares?! Tiger Woods isΒ one of the greatest athletes to ever live and we are getting a chance to see him live in unchartered territory. I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride, even if it leads to 76!


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