A Collection Of Essays & Observations On Society

Previously I’ve listed various essays that can help improve our lives through how we think about the world.

Below find some of my favorite essays that point out how the world around us is being manipulated. We are often oppressed in a cruel and unfair way by the very government most take a naive pride in without thinking twice.

-Living our own lives

-Developers should develop

-A race you can’t win


-Nationalism only exists in sociopaths

-Guns for hire

-Prisons still exist?!

-Essays on essays

-Hypocrisy in law

-A fair way to vote

-Politicians for freedom?

-Quiz on nationalism

-Get what you pay for

-Earth was here first

-Seriously, jail still exists?!

-Bureaucrats are the worst

-Pay tax or be slaughtered

-Oh to be free!

-Controlling the marketplace

-Most laws are fucked

-The overlords!

-How to avoid paying taxes


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