Don’t Just Take My Word For It: Counter-Economics

I enjoy when like-minded humans echo my principles. I enjoy it even more when their writing is much better than mine, which is the case with this fantastic essay on counter-economics by Bryan Hyde (@youcancallmebry).

Take :05 and read Bryan’s thoughts. They are 100% on point and they briefly yet efficiently get a major point across: we don’t need government interference in every aspect of life. In fact, there are very few areas where the government should truly have a say, yet as Bryan states most people are caught “in the thralls of Stockholm Syndrome toward our government” so most people blindly accept government interference because that’s the way’s it’s been.

If you agree with government interference, take a step back for a moment.

Allow yourself to have an open mind. Try to truly understand how free market counter-economics benefits all groups, making the world better for all.

Consider Bryan’s points on the simplest level: Do you really need a third-party (government) involved when you grow some corn and another “free” human wants to purchase or trade for it?

Of course not.

Yet it’s as simple as that. The government has inserted themselves in so many “corns” in our lives that we fail to stop and say, “Enough is enough. This is ridiculous.” At worst, people blindly accept and even argue for the government while at best they acquiesce in the face of immoral and unfair taxes & regulations.

This is not how truly free people should be treated! No one but you should have a say in any matter of yours that does not negatively affect another! #butfreedom

Thanks to Bryan for his important and helpful writing that also taught me two new words…true story. I had to look up subversive and Agorism. It’s hard to believe I hadn’t heard of Agorism until now. I certainly won’t forget it.

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