To Purchase the United States Post Office

amazon logo“ To Purchase the United States Post Office” is near the top of the list of myΒ dream headlines.

How the USPS is still a thing is mind-boggling. They historically lose money, they are not efficient or competitive in the free market and they are not run like a free market for-profit business. And, it recently took them 10 days to deliver numerous pieces of mail for me < 10 miles. is a forward-thinking genius of a company. They are the best in logistics that I’ve ever seen and many experts agree. It seems like a match made in heaven for free market behemoth Amazon to acquire the USPS and turn it into the well oiled machine it could be. This would also make the government smaller, leaner and more efficient. This is a good thing. We do not need government sponsored delivery in 2016 just because that’s the way it’s been. The free market can and will easily adapt to provide humans the delivery service they crave.

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