Schumacher Place Civic Assocation

schumacher-placeAfter attending tonight’s Schumacher Place Civic Association meeting I am not hopeful for humanity. There was so much selfish, divisive, borderline hateful behavior by people who feel they are entitled to everything from personal parking spaces on the street to having a say in how other people’s land is developed. These same people use words like “law” and “freedom” but then have the audacity to force their will on to someone else’s property.

Shame on you. Whether you realize it or not, you are being very hateful and hurtful. Your attitude is the equivalent of building a wall to keep “outsiders” away. Many people had their own arbitrary opinion on how many units was too many, not realizing that by being arbitrary they are defeating their own argument.

Many others simply fear change and truly (and incorrectly) believe that development is bad for any number of reasons (too many people, too little parking, too much trash, too much commotion, historic changes, etc). This is naive. These people do not realize that they are changing the world…for the worse. Their divisive thoughts spiral out of control and spread to others who don’t take the time to think for themselves. PeopleΒ simply jump on the “development is bad” bandwagon and next thing you know, development is crushed and the lots remain dilapidated and perfect for the drug deals and prostitutes that frequent them. Great job. #butfreedom?

Even worse, no one seems to realize that real people are behind these developments. Real men and real women. Real moms and dads, taking risks, trying to improve the world. Will they make a profit in doing so? Maybe. Hell, hopefully. Profits are what has driven humanity to where it is today. Like it or not, if man wasn’t striving to build a better mouse trap we’d all be lucky to be riding around on horseback.

I urge everyone to take a step back and ask yourself the following questions. Really think about your answers.

Am I being rational or emotional? Am I being selfish? Should I even have a say in this? Would I want someone else telling me what I can and can not do with my land?


Honesty is something Dale Carnegie teaches us you won’t do. He also teaches that right now, you’re probably not opening up to the thought of being in the wrong. Instead you’re getting fired up, ready to defend your points & to justify and rationalize your beliefs. Sound familiar? I urge you to Β take the gloves off, calm down, and stop taking it personally.

Then, read up.

“How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie is amongst the best books ever written. Read or listen to it ASAP. If you truly want to be a better human being you should be perking up right about now.

More info on Dale here.

More on the Schumacher Place Civic Association here.

Please understand, it’s ok to not a like a project. You can not like it while still not trying to derail it. Derailing the project = divisive and hateful. If it’s not your land, your home, your body, you should have no say in the outcome. I don’t want to have a say in you or your family or your home. Why should you want a say in mine?

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