Remove Doubt

I enjoy listening to the Sirius XM PGA Tour Radio channel (I know, I’m a golf nerd) to improve my game. The plethora of shows offer me a way to work on my game from behind a desk or in my car or while doing work in my yard.

On more than one occasion I’ve taken the advice meant for the golf course and used it in my everyday life. One of my favorite tidbits is to remove doubt.

Looking back down #5 at Muirfield Village Golf Club

Looking back down #5 at Muirfield Village Golf Club

Regarding golf this advice was meant for shot making. Choose a club, picture a shot, and then proceed with 110% confidence when attempting the shot. Remove all doubt (is this the right club? is the wind too strong? is there a better target?) after making your decision. Proceed (quickly) and confidently.

In life this same advice applies to pretty much everything. Just like on the golf course, this doesn’t mean to rush into a decision without giving it careful consideration. Rather this means that after analyzing a situation we should be confident in our decision and proceed confidently with expectations of success. Will we fail some of the time? Sure. No one is infallible. But we will fail much more often if we have doubt in our minds. Be confident. Remove doubt.

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