It’s 2016. How Does Ticketmaster Still Exist?

Do I actually need to write more? What is the purpose of Ticketmaster besides an unneeded and unwanted middle man who is forced upon us and as a result charges egregious fees?

I can reflect (fondly, may I add) to a time when Ticketmaster was the most efficient way to score great concert tickets, and for that efficiency I was willing to pay Ticketmaster their fee.

But now?        Now?

Now it’s LAUGHABLE to think I need to give Ticketmaster eight bucks to buy a $25 concert ticket when the promoter could just as easily sell to me direct (no hyperbole, that is exactly what I was charged to see Grouplove in Columbus.)

ticketmaster sucks.png

Ticketmaster Presale
US $25.00 x 4
Service Fee
US $8.85 x 4
Perhaps back in the day it didn’t make sense for each promoter to try to sell direct. After all, before the Internet it was very hard to self directly to the masses.
However as I write this is it is 2016, nearly 50 years after you want me to believe that man walked on the moon. I believe there is a better way to buy tickets that is a win-win-win for the artist, the promoter and the fan. The “way it’s been” ticket buying industry is ripe for a shake up and I’ll be happy to watch it unfold.

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2 Responses to It’s 2016. How Does Ticketmaster Still Exist?

  1. Your Agent says:

    lets chat about this, I can fill you in as to why there is some necessity, and why it will continue to exist.


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