Don’t Rush To A Red Light

redlightWe’ve all been in aย situation where we feel rushed. Maybe we are late to work or school or any other “important” committment. Or, perhaps we are just in a mood not to be messed with. For whatever reason, we decide to drive like a maniac, speeding and maneuvering between vehicles as if we’re trying to win the Indy 500.

And then… bam! We come to a red light. We slam on the brakes and come to a complete stop. Many of the cars behind us catch up and come to a stop as well. At the same red light. Or exit. Or toll booth. Or stop sign. As frustrated as we are, we have arrived at basically the same place in space and time as the other driversย who most likely weren’t driving like total fucking idiots.

We have rushed around, putting ourselves and others in harm’s way, for literally no reason. We haven’t arrived at our destination any sooner but we have greatly increased our chances of getting hurt. This is illogical, dangerous and unnecessary.

Don’t rush around just to hit the same red lights and stop signs as everyone else. Use your eyes, be aware of the world around you and realize that your rushing is pointless. Your drive will be much easier, your stress level will go down and most importantly, you and those around you will be much safer.

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2 Responses to Don’t Rush To A Red Light

  1. Aunt MJ says:

    So true!


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