Don’t Proceed Just Because The Light Is Green

green lightWe don’t proceed through a green light just because the light is green. The light being green is simply an indicator that it might be OK to go. You still need to use your own eyes and brain and common sense to determine if it is OK  to proceed down the path you chose.

If you come up to a green light and see 15 people walking the cross walk of that intersection you are not just entitled to mow them over just because the light is green! The green light is irrelevant as your path is blocked.

On the same token if the light is green but a fire truck is barreling toward your car, any reasonable person would avoid the intersection so as not to get plowed over by the fire truck. You could blindly use your “green light privileges” to proceed with your head down but it may get you killed.

We do not proceed because the light is green! We proceed because the light is green and there is nothing in our path.

Stop thinking about things the way it’s been and ask yourself is there another way to view this or interpret that. Avoid proceeding just because the light is green. Be sure your path is clear.

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Logic. Common Sense. Open Minds.
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