Jack Bauer & ’24’ Will Return For 10th Season!


With nothing other than my keen sense of the Universe to back me up, I’m confidently predicting that Kiefer Sutherland will reprise his role as the iconic Jack Bauer on TV’s #1 action drama of all-time, ‘24‘.

If you are not familiar with the show, do yourself a favor and watch it from season 1 episode 1, in order. Do not read about it. Do not let yourself be spoiled. There are just way too many great moments that can be ruined if you read too much online or discuss with folks who don’t realize you haven’t seen the complete series. Are you and your partner looking for a show to watch together? 24 is perfect. Just be sure you have plenty of water and popcorn.

24 lasted for eight glorious twenty-four episode seasons. The series returned in 2014 with a twelve episode ninth season. While I cannot look beyond season ten at this point, I see no reason why Fox and Kiefer don’t come to an agreement to do another shorter season, likely twelve episodes to round out season ten.

Fox may even consider keeping the 24 series alive with or without Sutherland playing Bauer, though his shoes will be ultra tough to fill. (Numerous actors have played James Bond over a 50 year period, why not the same for Jack Bauer? They even have the same initials!)

I would not be surprised if Fox makes the announcement yet in 2015, though with the holidays approaching early 2016 is more likely.



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