Read This Before You Vote

Does it really make sense that we vote on how to spend other people’s money? Or that we vote on what substances “free” people can or cannot eat, drink, grow, smoke, snort or bathe in? I know that I for one enjoy being the sole decision maker when it comes to what I put into my body and how I spend my money.

The system that we are experiencing ad nauseam today (written Tuesday, November 3rd, aka the day we cast our ballots) is in disrepair. Special interest groups and politicians are all over our TVs, radios & billboards urging us to vote yes or vote no on a plethora of issues, many of which are things that should never be put to a vote.

Vote to legalize cannabis? So we’re saying it’s ok to arbitrarily decide what parts of nature
are legal or illegal in this “free country”? We’re saying it’s ok to dictate what other grown men & women put into their bodies? To take a hyperbolic example, how would you feel if someone came into your kitchen and dictated what you could or could not eat? I’m pretty sure no one would stand for that yet many of those same, otherwise reasonable people, stand for much worse (possibly without even realizing it) when they cast their ballots.

Vote to give taxpayer money to a public zoo?! What a joke! If people wanted a zoo, the free market would support one. If a zoo needs to accept subsidies to survive clearly the demand for the zoo isn’t high enough to justify its existence. If the free people’s demand isn’t high enough, why are we giving the zoo their money?! I’d gladly pay the full rate to use the zoo if & when I decide to go there, rather than have money taken from me & given to the zoo regardless of my desire to ever visit.

Before you vote, use your brain. Think for yourself. Forget the special interests, politicians and media. Ask yourself “is this fair to everyone?” Chances are it’s not. If you vote you should vote in a way that restores freedom, not one that advances oppression.

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5 Responses to Read This Before You Vote

  1. Esther says:

    Another good one, Nick. You make a lot of sense.


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