Being Liked Helps

To be successful in life, business & relationships one can possess a number of varying qualities. A kindergartener could probably tell you that being smart is of paramount importance. I’d say that a niceΒ balance of street smarts, book smarts and wisdom would probably make for a human who is primed to be successful.

However smarts can only take you so far. The men and women who rise to the top of their fields, make and keep the most friends and have the best relationships are those who are liked by most. Simply put, being liked helps.

I wish I could claim this simple but profound piece of advice as my own original thought, but it’s not. No matter, it cannot hurt to always remember this as you go about your day. Each person you come in contact with is someone you’ll leave a mark on and only you can determine if it’s a positive or negative mark.

I’ve recently re-dedicated myself to winning everyone I meet as a friend and Dale Carnegie has helped immeasurably! Whether you’ve read it once, a hundred times or never, “How to Win Friends & Influence People” never gets old. I cannot emphasize enough how much the material in this book can help us all to be better humans while making and keeping positive, meaningful relationships!

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4 Responses to Being Liked Helps

  1. Esther says:

    I really like this one, Nick…my sentiments exactly!!! Thanks for the reminder:)))


  2. donniccolo says:

    Thanks! It came from a pretty sharp guy…


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