Violence Is Not An Acceptable Rebuttal To Vocabulary

Since I’m not convinced that man has walked on the moon, any time news breaks regarding the manned moon landings I get plenty of feedback from my friends, family and the Internet. The most recent example was sent to me by numerous people as 72-year-old Buzz Aldrin punched Bart Sibrel and it’s all caught on video. Despite the fact that this happened over a dozen years ago it seems to make its way around the Internet every few years.

I’m not concerned with Buzz vs Bart. Despite agreeing with Bart that Buzz likely didn’t walk on the moon, I think Bart and his tactics are deplorable.

What interests me is how many seemingly reasonable people think that punching someone in the face (or anywhere for that matter) is an acceptable rebuttal to being called names. What ever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”?!?!


Can you imagine if we taught our children this illogical way of thinking? “Now listen son, if someone makes fun of you on the playground you need to bash them in the skull. That will show them not to make fun of you!”

No reasonable person would ever teach their children to be violent in the face of name calling! Yet reason and logic seem to go out the window in the case of trolling an old man who may or may not have faked mankind’s greatest achievement?! This clearly isn’t right.

Violence is never an acceptable solution when faced with mere words of critique, shame or embarrassment. To put it as simple as possible: save facing a direct physical threat, preemptive violent action is never justified.

For example: If you and your wife are strolling about and someone calls your wife a dirty whore, you are not justified to bash them in the face. This is unequivocal. 

Now consider you and your wife are strolling about and someone says they plan to kill you then rape your wife. You’d be justified in any number of actions, not the least of which is to run for cover, seek help, scream for assistance, and take protective measures that include violent actions. This is quite the hyperbolic example and while it could happen, it’s much much more likely that you are faced with a situation like the former, not the latter.

We should all be going through life looking for reasons to avoid physical confrontations, not for reasons to get into them! If someone is using words to upset you, simply walk away. 99.999% of all of us will go through life without ever encountering a situation where we’d be justified to use preemptive violence yet we’ll all likely encounter an asshole that makes us want to bash in their skull. Be better than the asshole and resist the urge to bash knowing that you’ll be the one in lots of trouble as only bad things can come from striking another human.



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11 Responses to Violence Is Not An Acceptable Rebuttal To Vocabulary

  1. buzz says:

    sometimes it is dong.


  2. Jackov says:

    Forgive english, I am russia. In my country it legal to chop off head of man who call your wife “dirty whore” so you say english word “unequivocal” it mean not what you think it mean. Sometime violence is only answer so say Putin (all hail putin)


  3. Dude Brah says:

    Are you aware that there are people in this world that have a severe medical condition which causes them to be that way? My mother for instance is one of those people. She is a truck driver that has bad knees and a bad back from driving the truck but you probably do not care about that case either. Oh well I am not one of those people I am 6’4″ 245lbs and I exercise every day. I would love to see you say something like to my mother in front of me. Probably never happen though you are probably just an internet tough guy. I doubt very seriously you would say that to someones face. Just my thought.What do you think. Oh I am sorry you probably do not have a brain. I on the other hand will be happy to buy you a plane ticket to come here and see if you have the nerve to say that to someone I know.


  4. Jackov says:

    Forgive english, I am russia. In my country it legal to chop off head of man who call your wife “dirty whore” so you say english word “unequivocal” it mean not what you think it mean. Sometime violence is only answer so say Putin (all hail putin)


  5. PLEASE says:

    you’re censoring the american public, which makes you a communist which is exactly what your fighting against you fucking pinko


  6. Gary Busey says:

    You need to take it down a notch or 2 sport. you’re making my exploits seem normal.


  7. Gary Busey says:

    Like i’m gonna take advice from a guy who beat up an undeserving tree after missing a 3 foot double bogey putt.


  8. Gary Busey says:

    HOW can you state your case without about anything if you blatantly refuse to allow the opposition to have a voice. You’re 1 step away from joining the Peoples Temple and following Jim Jones blindly into the night. See that van over there that says “FREE CANDY” its not real either.


  9. Gary Busey says:

    Not even Foxnews moderates their comments as much as you do, and they don’t hide the fact that they don’t look for truths in things.


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