The Importance Of Balance

Being a well-rounded person is one of the most important keys to living a happy & satisfying life. I will write that again, but this time put it in bold and underline it so that anyone who reads this will have a chance for it to really sink in.

It is impossible to overstate how important it is to live a life of balance & to be a well-rounded human being.

Balance has been a buzz word in the poker community for quite some time now. “Play with balance, balance your range, balance your bankroll”, et cetera. Many elite poker players and poker authors talk about & write about how important the concept of balance is in poker. Clearly they are onto something. While many poker players have figured this out with regard to poker, some fail to realize that life itself is no different.

Balancing Your Daily Life

Spending too much time on one aspect of anything will surely lead to other aspects of that same thing suffering. An extreme example would be dedicating every minute of your day to one single thing. From the moment your feet hit your bedroom floor to the moment your head hits your pillow, if you are only working on one thing, for example your business, how do you think the other aspects of your life will react? If you spend every waking moment of your day working on your business, what will your significant other think of you? How about your children, your friends and your other family members? I cannot imagine that your home life (or health for that matter) would be optimal considering in this example you have literally given them zero of your time. You have failed to spend time with your family, you have failed to eat in a healthy manner, you have failed to exercise, you’ve even failed to relax and have some fun. These and any number of other items should be a part of your life. They will add the balance that will make you a happier and healthier human being.

Previously I have written about the potential monotony of working from home. By balancing our work day with other tasks in our life we have turned a boring day into one of satisfaction. On a larger scale we can use this way of thinking to balance each day, week, month, year and eventually our entire lives. It’s really quite simple once you come to the realization that a well-rounded & balanced life is a life of fulfillment. It’s not about focusing on any one thing but rather focusing on all things.

Take a sincere & honest look at your life and ask yourself if you are truly living as balanced a life as you can. Don’t worry if you find that you’re not living with balance – that’s ok! We all go through peaks & valleys where we fall into ruts or spend too much time on one thing to the detriment of others. The key is realizing that we are out of balance and then striving to do something to get back on track!

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