Swearing. Bad Words. These Do Not Exist.

It’s 2015. Can we please get over the idea that “bad words” exist? Shit, it’s fucking ridiculously insane to believe that one is being harmed because they heard the word fuck, or any other word for that matter. If there has ever been a way it’s been that needs corrected, it’s words. The belief that words are good or bad is a major reason that censorship is still so prevalent. Think about that! Wouldn’t you prefer to decided what words you and your children listen to or choose not to listen to?

Words are nothing other than a mathematical arrangement of consonants and vowels that convey meaning from one person to another. They do not do us physical harm. Words are not justification for violence or retaliation. (Re-read that last sentence. Let is sink in.)

AΒ smart person pointed out that in the most extreme cases, we can justify preemptive actions to protect ourselves against some words. An example would be if a villain is holding a gun to you and says that he is going to kill you, you are justified to defend yourself based on his words. This is NOT the same as trying to justify punching someone in the face because they flipped you the bird or told you to go fuck yourself. Extreme means extreme. Chances are you will never find yourself in an extreme situation where preemptive violence is justified at any point in your entire adult life.

Get over the idea that some words are better or worse than others. Words are wind. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words? Words cannot harm you.

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5 Responses to Swearing. Bad Words. These Do Not Exist.

  1. Es says:

    Another good article, Nick. While I agree with you to a certain extent, someone using “bad” words is no reason to punch someone in the face or worse. But I do feel that there are certain times & places that we should watch what we’re saying or how we say it. It’s just classier. yes…???


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