The Blatant Hypocrisy Of Ohio Politicians

As we know, true freedom does not yet exist. You and I are not even in control of our own bodies let alone free human beings. Yet we often hear politicians talk about freedom this and freedom that.

The hypocrites.

Often times their hypocrisy can be masked, cleverly talked over or avoided. However what is currently underway in Ohio cannot be avoided. The lame men & women who run Ohio are criticizing the plan of Responsible Ohio to legalize cannabis throughout the state. Not because they don’t want to give the inherent right to use cannabis back to their “free” constituents but rather because Responsible Ohio’s plan is a cleverly disguised legal monopoly.

Previously I had written in support of Responsible Ohio’s campaign to legalize cannabis in Ohio, but presently I’ve been educated about the details of their campaign. Clearly a legal monopoly is not the best result for everyone, just for the people behind the monopoly. And I’m not the only one who understands this. In addition, legislation that legalizes cannabis MUST reverse prior convictions and get people out of steel cages and the plan offered up by Responsible Ohio does not.

Thanks to OTEP (Ohioans To End Prohibition), I’m wiser today than I was yesterday. That’s always a good thing.

Back to the hypocrite Ohio politicians. From quotes found on, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine called legalizing cannabis “a stupid idea.” Secretary of State Jon Husted voiced an opinion against the plan and Auditor Dave Yost stated that ballot initiatives shouldn’t create monopolies.

Yet Ohio politicians like these granted a monopoly to two companies to run the states four casinos in a completely anti-free market, anti-competition manner. If you or I opened up a casino we could end up being forcibly placed in a steel cage. Think about that.

Yet, we are “free” people.

Then there’s the Ohio Automotive Dealers Association, a legal monopoly that politicians like DeWine, Husted & Yost allow to operate and to thrive in an anti-free market environment that they enjoy so much, they sued to keep Tesla out of Ohio. The hypocritical politicians who say they believe in freedom have made it so that Elon Musk, one of the world’s foremost innovators, isn’t allowed to sell you or I a vehicle without going through a dealership. If a dealer has to get paid, the dealer’s cut must come from somewhere…either at Tesla’s expense or the customer’s expense. Regardless it’s bad for you and I as customers as we end up paying more either way.

But, freedom?!

While Responsible Ohio may not be the answer to legal cannabis in Ohio, the hypocritical people who run Ohio are not the answer to anything. They have shown time and time again that they either do not understand true freedom or they do not care. Regardless, they need voted out and replaced with free market men & women who will reverse the culture of oppression that today’s leaders have created.

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