Legalizing Cannabis In Ohio

6 May 2015

Below is a post written in mid-March 2015 regarding legalizing cannabis in Ohio. I’m keeping the original text up, but I can no longer support the group “Responsible Ohio”. I’m still 110% for legal cannabis (aka ‘freedom’) however my understanding of free market economics cannot let me back the proposal made by “Responsible Ohio.”

Here and here are two reasons why. Instead of trying to explain, simply read the wise words on those pages. Then refresh yourself on basic economics and how limited competition is bad for us all.

Original post 16 March 2015:

You don’t have to use cannabis to understand how unfair, illogical and oppressive it is to arbitrarily ban the plant. Just keep an open mind when reading my thoughts (including my open letter to Governor Kasich) and learning about Responsible Ohio, the group leading the charge to give Ohioans back the inherent freedoms they were born with.

I hope you’ll take just a few minutes to click the links herein to learn about and support the cause. Here is where you can share your story. Don’t be shy. Ohio needs other normal men & women to step up and be heard: you are the only person who should control what goes into your body, including cannabis, marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, coffee, soda pop, sugar, red meat, gluten, bath salts, etc. Below is a copy of what I submitted for my story

I am a life long Ohio resident and small business owner in Columbus. I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression since I was a child, making my first visit to a psychologist before age 10 and continuing to talk with a professional to this day. Since 2013 I’ve dealt with PTSD after being involved in a fatal crash in St. Lucia. Talking with a professional has helped immensely. In addition, cannabis has been a magical substance for me, alleviating many of the symptoms that find their way into my brain and cause me to fall into severe “ruts.” I do not understand how our lawmakers, who seem more like “overlords” in this case, can arbitrarily ban something that grows naturally on our planet and not see how oppressive and unfair it is to their constituents.

I hope that other “free” human beings will step up and let their voice be heard. You don’t have to use cannabis to understand how unfair and oppressive the laws are. It’s not up to anyone but you to decide what you put into your body.

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4 Responses to Legalizing Cannabis In Ohio

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  2. Shlomo Mink says:

    You suck and you’re dumb just so you know. You need to be pink slipped and forgot about.


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