Speaking With A Mental Health Professional

A cursory glance of the world will show that humanity is not in the best of places mentally. Sure, there are the elite people who seem to have it all figured out but they are few and far between. The rest of us are but mere mortals and undoubtedly we can be shaken up from time to time, figuring out life as we go along. This is ok!

What is not ok, however, is that most people do nothing about it. Most people are horrified at the idea of talking to their inner circle about what is bringing them down, let alone reaching out to a stranger for help with their feelings.

Why is this? What is so scary and/or taboo about seeing a mental health professional? Most civilized adults have their teeth professionally cleaned & checked once or twice a year. Most of those same people also have regular eye exams and a good percentage see their general health doctor on the regular. Women are even more likely to regularly visit a doctor, given the amount of “women” things that only happen to women’s bodies (sidenote: it can suck to be a woman.)

Yet when it comes to mental health, all bets are off. Society seems to have scarred the idea of colloquially talking about visiting a psychologist, psychiatrist or “shrink”, with negative or embarrassing connotations being attached to those and similar terms. As a result most people never even consider seeking out professional help, instead simply adhering to their way it’s been mentality and ultimately accepting mental mediocrity.

I’d like to change that. I’m not afraid or embarrassed to admit that I regularly see a psychologist. Hell, I’m proud of it. I’ve been fortunate in my business and investments that I’m able to afford an insurance plan which allows for me to see a fantastic PsyD for just a $25 co-pay per visit [2016 edit: now $60 but still well worth it!] Aside from discussing my feelings about any particular problem or issue, we also discuss life, business and all things esoteric. I consider him a trusted and valued advisor, life-coach, & mentor as well as a fantastic doctor. He is one of many sharp people who I surround myself with to help me be the human I can be.

If you’ve ever considered reaching out to someone for help, now is the time! Don’t let your pride get in the way. Don’t worry about what others may think of you. No one is going to ever care about your mental health more than you should. Step up and ask your doctor for a referral and then add your mental health professional to the list of doctors you regularly visit.

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