Would You Rather Be Right, Or Dead?

Look both ways!

Look both ways!

It amazes me how people take things for granted. Or perhaps they just have too much faith in other people. Take for instance the man I witnessed randomly crossing a busy street in the vicinity of a cross walk. He simply had his head down and paid no attention to the cars the may or may not be coming on either side of him. He saw that I was coming but simply took the initiative to start crossing the street figuring that I would stop as opposed to hitting him.

This is a critical mistake and one that nearly all people (97% or more) make. It is not as simple as blindly cross the street and assume the car will stop in lieu of hitting you. There are countless other options, many of which involve the car hitting you, smashing you, running you over and killing you. All it takes is one idiot to be texting or doing any other number of things they could be doing to take their eyes off of the road for a split second for your assumption to become a deadly incorrect one.

Part of me wants to help educate people on simple ways they can improve their lives by thinking about things like this and not assuming their own safety. But the other part of me wants to let Darwinism have another shot.

If you value your life, don’t be that guy. Realize that if you are in a cross walk or parking space or just crossing a street, there is no magic force field that keeps vehicles from turning you into pavement. Cross walks do not keep us alive – common sense & keen awareness of the world around us does.

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