Are You a Nationalist? [Quiz]

I’ve previously explained how nationalism is dumb. I came to this conclusion a few years back and I stand by it more than ever today. Since realizing that 99.9% of people aren’t smart enough to understand, I’ve resigned to observing this insane behavior and enjoying discussions on the subject with other intelligent humans.

I’ve also come up with what I believe to be the decisive “Are you a nationalist” quiz that consists of just one question. Please answer honestly.

Anyone who would choose the Americans is a sociopath and should be avoided at all costs. Everyone else is like me (and hopefully you!), realizing that all human life should be regarded as equally precious and proving that nationalism doesn’t actually exist.

Once you understand that nationalism is nothing more than an excuse to believe in divisive and ultimately condescending (or hate-filled) ideals, you can start to love & appreciate everyone on the planet as equals. This mentality, spread across the planet, would lead to worldwide peace, yet instead of striving toward peace many people strive to advance their nationalist agenda.


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8 Responses to Are You a Nationalist? [Quiz]

  1. The answer is clearly the 50 random people because the average value of an American is only 5x greater than that of a random person, thus making the total equal to only 25 random and not 50. Obviously.


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