#DFS Is The Future Of Fantasy Sports. Daily Fantasy Sports Games Are Exploding!

Daily Fantasy Sports – What’s All The Fuss About?!

If you pay any attention to sports, TV, radio, the Internet, or any form of media, you’ve likely heard an ad or two for DraftKings or FanDuel or StarsDraft or another company that provides daily fantasy sports games both for free and for real money. The reasoning is simple: DFS is exploding in popularity and the industry leaders are racing to capture market share (read: you!)



Daily Fantasy Sports, also known as DFS or #DFS, is the future of fantasy sports games. Combining the best aspects of sports betting & fantasy sports, daily fantasy sports games allow us to wager money and win money based on the performances of the players we pick. The contests may last for just one day’s games, or they may be spread across a few days. As soon as the last contest ends, the winner is declared and everyone finishing in the money (ITM) is awarded a cash prize which can be instantly transferred to your bank account!

This Can’t Possibly Be Legal, Can It?!

Upon introducing people to DFS, one of the most common questions asked is, ‘How is this legal?’

My answer is usually something along the lines of, ‘It’s legal because as a “free” human being aren’t you and I supposed to be able to do as we please with our money regardless of risk, skill, gamble or any other factor, so long as it doesn’t negatively affect another?’

Of course, the next question asked is often, ‘How is this legal and online poker is not?!’

To which I (semi-sarcastically) reply, ‘Because #DFS has better lobbyists’. (which shouldn’t matter but unfortunately does)

Breaking Your DFS Cherry

Once you get over the injustice that keeps online poker out of our reach but allows us to play daily fantasy sports, it’s time to give it a try! Getting your feet wet with daily fantasy sports is easy. Simply click the logos above (to make sure I get credit for referring you – throw me a bone!) and the sites will instruct you on signing up, depositing funds and getting started! By using the links found here, you’ll also get a deposit bonus!

You can fund your accounts with PayPal or by using any major Credit Card or Debit Card

You can fund your accounts with PayPal or by using any major Credit Card or Debit Card

Although you may feel overwhelmed at first, both sites are quite intuitive and you cannot really mess anything up, so simply click around to familiarize yourself with the layout of the site you just joined.  There are filters that allow you to choose which sport you are viewing, so if you’re only interested in golf, you don’t have to scroll through a zillion NFL contests. There are also filters to differentiate contests by start time, prize pool, size, type and more!

Types Of DFS Games

There are two main types of games on daily fantasy sports sites: cash games and GPPs. Cash games refer to games where you pick a team to play vs just one other player, or a small number of other players, in an effort to double your money (less any rake taken by the site.) 50/50s and Heads-Up are common contests of this type. The upside here isn’t huge, but in many cases your team doesn’t have to perform too well for you to cash, they just need to do better than the average team in the contest. Because DFS is quite a new industry, the average player is not very skilled, meaning cash games can be quite profitable in the long-term if you’re an above average sports bettor or fantasy sports player, or if you are particularly knowledgeable about a certain sport.

Guaranteed Prize Pool contests, commonly known as GPPs, are typically huge tournaments with a certain amount of prize money guaranteed by the host site. Unlike cash games, the upside in GPPs can be huge, as you can win hundreds, thousands, or even a million dollars in any given day! Also unlike cash games, in GPPs a mediocre score simply won’t cut it. While 15%-20% of the field typically makes the money in a GPP, the vast majority of the prize pool is in the top 1% of the payouts. To be profitable in the long-term playing GPPs you need to build a team needs to hit on nearly every position, which is very hard to do, but doable nonetheless!

Bankroll Management

Only you know how much money you can afford to risk playing daily fantasy sports so be smart and plan ahead! If you have a $1,000 per year budget, don’t blow it all in week 1 of the NFL season by putting $800 into play! Like poker and golf, DFS involves a lot of variance, so even skilled winning players will experience downswings. In addition, finding the right balance of cash games vs GPPs is crucial as your ROI will be different in each.  I recommend starting slowly by entering a few low dollar contests or freerolls to get acclimated to each site. Most importantly be sure to remember to HAVE FUN and never wager money that you cannot afford to lose!


I’ve teamed up with two of my best friends & fantasy sports legends @PhoneSurgeons & @JockpostDT to build a daily fantasy sports brand, DFSDOSE. Together, we advocate for daily fantasy sports and we enjoy introducing new players to the world of DFS. We also chat & tweet about DFS regularly so give us a follow or tweet us your questions & comments!

Home of JockpostDT, PhoneSurgeons, donniccolo & more!

Daily fantasy sports is the future of internet based fantasy gaming and it’s here to stay! I hope to see you in a cash game or GPP soon. Hopefully right below me on the final scoreboard!

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