‘I Look Forward To It’ :: A Phrase To Burn Into Your Mind

My favorite poem, Desiderata, couldn’t be more spot on when it states that “whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

As the universe often does, it recently put me in a place to hear exactly what I needed to hear at that exact point of my life. During a commercial from the Peter Schiff Radio Show, Andy Greenberg gave a brief and simple talk about a phrase he works into his daily life: I look forward to it.

I didn’t know a thing about Andy before hearing his take on this phrase. After listening to Andy for the first time, I became so overwhelmed with inspiration that I wrote down this phrase and have made it a point to use it daily and often. I went on to research Andy and to find that he is one of the most listened to speakers in the United States, with good reason. His “Your Daily High With Andy Greenberg” is heard by millions of people and surely inspires most just like it inspired me.

I look forward to it. Simple. Short. Powerful.

Five words that when used genuinely, can convey a true sense of enthusiastic, happy thinking to anyone they are spoken to.

Five words that put the speaker and the receiver in a state of mind to think forward – to think about the future – and to think about it in a positive & proactive way.

Five words that can be synonymous for phrases like “see you then” or even just the word “yes” but have much more meaning and a much deeper impact on both parties involved in the conversation.

For years I’ve struggled to control my brain and to tame its thoughts. Like most people, I can dip into negative places from time to time and amongst other things, the ability to look forward is a huge part of reversing my negative mindset. Actively working I look forward to it into my daily vernacular has been a tremendous boost to my mindset. I even set up a text shortcut so that the letters ‘ILF’ auto correct to ‘I look forward’.

Give it a try – actively make it a point to say I look forward to it as often as possible. Then try to mean it. It can be as simple as confirming plans. Instead of (or along with) saying yes, say I look forward to it. Make eye contact and smile. Before you know it I look forward to it will be your natural (and honest) reply when confirming things that you care about. Your positive, forward-thinking attitude will have a profoundly positive impact on your life and the lives of people you interact with.



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