No One Is Entitled To The Earth

I was excited to see one of the examples I often use (grocery store!) in this fantastic piece about “Should you teach your kids to share?” The author does a great point of explaining something I agree with unequivocally: No one is entitled to anything just because they want it.

Yet all too often so many people (and businesses, special interest groups, bureaucracies, etc) forget that life requires hard work and determination. Things aren’t just given to us. Even if they are, they aren’t supposed to be.

An example of this entitlement mentality that makes me nuts is how people drive. The vast majority of society adheres to this (unwritten) rule that certain lanes are the “fast” lanes, despite the law (and common sense) providing no such regulation. People get extremely frustrated if you are in front of them in “their” lane and you are not driving as fast as they would like (with no regard for the actual speed limit).

Go around you? Fuck that, you need to move over for me!

Go around you? Fuck that, you need to move over for me!

These people will ride as close as possible, honk their horns, flash their lights, throw their hands up in the air, all as if to say “move the fuck out of MY way, motherfucker!” As if it’s their inherent right to occupy the piece of earth that I currently occupy. As if they have zero regard for me as a human being, not to mention how insanely dangerous it is to be within feet of another vehicle. It drives me nuts.

Could you imagine if you did that at the grocery store?! If you were in line behind someone and you just continually crowded them, getting closer and closer all while saying “move, move, move, move, move” as loud as possible?! No one would stand for this kind of childish, immature behavior in the grocery store (or anywhere for that matter) yet it’s somehow acceptable on the highway?!

Move over or get run over!

Move over or get run over!

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3 Responses to No One Is Entitled To The Earth

  1. umadyet says:

    In Michigan, the left lane is the passing lane. By law, you are supposed to stay in the right lanes unless passing someone. That being said, no one drives the speed limit. It’s always over or under, usually not in the “correct” lanes. If everybody was doing the speed limit, there would rarely be any passing. (GET OUT OF MY WAY!) lol

    I have been tempted to download a horn sound for my phone to use when I go shopping. Rarely does someone just keep to one side of the “grocery lane” when shopping. It’s usually cart on one side, kids in the middle and the shopper on the other. Leaving no “passing lane” for me. (GET OUT OF MY WAY!)

    It comes down to most are not aware of (or care about) their surroundings. If the shopper or slow driver knew of the life going on around them, they may decide to change lanes.


  2. donniccolo says:

    Well put. If the limit of speed is 70 MPH and I’m going 70 MPH in the left lane, there is no riding me at a range of 1 foot until you pass me – you simply cannot pass me in this lane!


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