Hollywood Poker Open: Columbus


Columbus will soon play host to the last of six regional Hollywood Poker Open tournament series. The series will consist of 16 events spread out over 9 days, beginning Friday 5/16 and concluding Sunday 5/25. Event 1 will have two starting days and guarantee a prize pool of $50,000, although my guess is that it absolutely crushes that number.

Single-table satellites will run daily beginning Wednesday, May 16th, with $200 buy-ins offering a seat worth $1,800 to the Regional Main Event (Saturday 5/24 $100k guaranteed) and $400 buy-ins sending players to Las Vegas to play in the HPO Main Event June 27-29, 2014 ($2,500 buy-in + $1,000 cash + $300 hotel).

I am very excited for the first multi-event tournament series in my city and I plan to take full advantage of it by playing in as many events as possible and making a run at the regional leaderboard. With any luck I may even make a few deep runs.

I’ll be tweeting about my action (@donniccolo) as well as buying shares of as many Columbus beasts as possible via CJ Nicholas Poker. Good luck us!

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2 Responses to Hollywood Poker Open: Columbus

  1. Andy Smith says:

    Good luck Nick. I don’t see myself playing in any of these events, so your chances of winning are going up. Are you planning on playing any of the nightly deep stacks? I don’t consider 120 big blinds to be ‘deep stacked’. I’m playing this Friday at the Shark Tank, where you get 800 big blinds to start. #I like to play more than a few hours before the shoving starts.


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