The Dangers Of Bureaucracy

A bureaucracy is a “body of nonelective government officials” and/or “an administrative policy-making group.”

Quite the polarizing topic, bureaucracies are often called a necessary-evil with regard to organizing large groups of human beings as efficiently as possible.

Regardless of one’s feelings on the organization of humanity aspect of defending bureaucracies, there is no way to rationally defend the desire of a group of humans to exert control over others in their personal and/or business affairs.

Simply put, no one should ever have a say in the private dealings of others. 

Yet it’s the exact opposite. Private businesses, and even worse, our private homes, are under the strict control of whatever local governing board awards things like building permits & zoning variances.

We think we own our homes and businesses, but we do not. We are simply glorified renters. Sadly, most people do not understand this. True ownership would not require us to continually pay taxes. True ownership would mean we can do as we please with our assets. True ownership does not exist.

Sadly, I am witnessing the madness of a local bureaucracy first hand. A local investor wishes to finish the basement in one of his buildings. He owns the building. He desires to make changes to the interior. He’s trying to do the “right” thing by going through all of the various commissions & departments who somehow have a say in what he does with his property. Despite the fact that these entities & people should have exactly zero say in what he does with his property, he’s still jumping through their hoops. After all of his jumping, he is still told by one of the local bureaucracies that he is not allowed to further finish his own asset.

How is it right that anyone other than the owner decide what can and cannot be done with regard to finishing floor space? It is so unfair that it is literally making me sick.

Worse off, if the owner were to proceed and finish the space anyway, other men & women could then use that as a reason to “punish” him. The idea of jailing someone for anything other than a violent crime is insanely archaic, yet in this case doing as he pleases with his own property could lead to exactly that.

Yet this man is told that he lives in a “free” country. Like ownership, freedom does not exist. Open your eyes. Think for your self. Don’t blindly accept the state-sponsored narrative. Strive to learn the truth about laws & how humans should really be able to live.


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